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Epic-Cash Projects


Epic-Cash price, market analysis and blockchain infromation

This project aims to provide always up to date and accurate data about Epic-Cash blockchain. It gathers information from different resources in to one place, with calculations and visualisations to help all kinds of users - from people trying to understand what Epic-Cash really is, to investors and traders.

Project is done with Python and Django framework (+ many different packages), with a hint of HTML/CSS/JS.

EpicRadar is working and online, but still in development, growing everyday with new features.

EPIC-WALLET.PY development

GUI Wallet for Epic-Cash

EPICWALLET.PY is a new graphical user interface (GUI) wallet for Epic-Cash made entirely in Python programming language. Wallet is stand alone version with possibility to connect to your own node, or public servers without downloading and synchronizing whole blockchain data.
There will be built-in console for advanced users, just like in CLI wallet version with all possible commands available.
Basic manager for local node, with options like auto-backup chain data, or handy editing *.toml files.

Goal is to create lightweight version of wallet with user-friendly interface following today's standards (i.e. simplicity of Uniswap), with access to all possible options and configurations.

Project is done in Python and PyQT5 library. Source code will be open and public, forever.

About Me

`blacktyger Active

I'm Patryk - full time husband, father and proud member of Epic-Cash community! I started my development activity in 2019, getting in to the field with Python as a tool, and Epic-Cash project as a 'playground'. My goal is to become a full-time developer, and I'm on my way!

Skills and experience:

  • Python - Django, REST, Tkinter, PyQT5 and most common libraries
  • Front End - HTML, CSS, JS
  • Webdev - Linux, Gunicorn, Nginx, Git

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